2008 Annual Meeting

Lake Augusta Association

Annual Membership Meeting

Sat. Aug. 2nd 2008


Introductions – by Mark Kampa

Mark Kampa Pres. John Chell VP, Kim Von Ende recording secretary, Roger Rauschendorfer Treasurer, Greg Alberg

Neighborhood Dir., Roger Eckoff, Neighborhood Dir., Phil Jensen Neighborhood Dir., Lois Le Mere

Neighborhood Dir., Dorothy Welch Neighborhood Dir., Bob Young Neighborhood Dir.

- Welcome new property owners.

- Approved Meeting minutes- Jim Halek 1st, Jim Hartwell 2nd , passed.

Treasurer’s report- Roger

Need to purchase a Milfoil spreader, signage and marker buoy. (voted and passed).

57 paid members to date. 110 parcels. 68 members

Fee will stay at $20

Jim Halek 1st Kurt Krinke 2nd passed.

Presidents Report

Milfoil report – south bay has been added. There is an increase in fees by the DNR. Permit $2,250.

DNR/Agriculture person had to be present for treatment.

After application no swimming for 24 hours.

New signage is required.

Bog Winch - need 25% of all lake owners Clearwater, Grass and Augusta. Merle Anderson and Roger are asking

for signatures and a letter requesting property owners to sign.

Website- Roger and Kurt

$50 to maintain a website, $250 to buy a domain name

28 members have given their emails

asked for show of hands of who is interested. NO interest.

Water Clarity report- Mark

8’ July 2008 reading. Submit emails to Mark if you want further updates.

Boat Channel report- Property owners are seeking a disposal site and financing through the Watershed District. The

District and the Lake Association will contribute $2000 each if the work is done.

Social event report- It was a very windy day. 13 attend and anchored in Turtle Bay. The Social Committee will look

into planning more events.

By Laws – reviewed in 2000: committee will be formed to look into it.

We must vote as a body and have 50% to pass. Roger will get a copy from the state.

Catch basin – has had 23 loads hauled out. Working on water quality.

New Business

Roger R. reports on new ordinance #03. Addressing Right of Way, 72 hour parking on roads in Southside

Township. If you google Southside Township Ordnance #03 you can view the ordinance.

Watercraft, four wheelers and go-carts handled by the Sheriff not the police.

Motion made to start annual meeting at 10 am. Voted and passed

Meeting adjourned Jim 1st Kurt 2nd.

Thank you to Donna Rauschendorfer and Phyllis Eckoff for the treats.

Please thank the DQ, Waterfront, Bay club, BJ’s, Little Jims, JJ Marine, A-1 Marine, Marketplace

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