2009 Annual Meeting

Lake Augusta Association

2009 Spring Board Meeting

Saturday, April 25, 2009, 10 a.m.

Southside Township Hall


Board and Officers

Mark Kampa, President

John Chell, Vice President

Kim Von Ende, Recording Secretary

Roger Rauschendorfer, Treasurer

Greg Alberg, Neighborhood Director

Roger Eckhoff, Neighborhood Director

Lois LeMere, Neighborhood Director

Dorothy Welch, Neighborhood Director

Bob Young, Neighborhood Director

Board Present: Dorothy Welch, Roger Eckhoff, Greg Alberg, Roger Rauschendorfer, Mark Kampa,

John Chell. Advisory Present: Kathy Halek, Kurt Krinke

Agenda Approved

Review & Approval of Minutes

Spring Board Meeting, April 12, 2008

Summer Board Meeting, August 2, 2008

Annual Meeting, August 2, 2008

Financial Report Approved:

Checking Account $1,218.63 as of April 25, 2009

Savings Account $6,699.80 as of April 25, 2009

Our Bog Fund $5,757.96 as of July 8, 2008

Membership Report: 2008-2009 Final Report 68

Presidents Report:

Milfoil Treatment Process will be same as last spring. Mr. Bovy will use his pontoon to spread the

pellets, called Navigate. This is a safe treatment which goes to the bottom and kills only the Milfoil.

Mr. Bovy and the 4-5 others that work with him will be each given a $50 gift certificate for their work.

This was unanimously approved by the Board.

Bog Winch has been acquired by CRWD for safe removal of bogs in lakes of the watershed district.

Only qualifed people can operate this equipment because of the liability requirement.

The winch will be on display at our Lake Augusta Annual Membership Meeting, Saturday, August 1,


Boat Channel Cleanout Project is currently on hold. The Project as worked out with the property

owners, was not signed by one or two parties. This was disturbing to the CRWD and the property

owners who signed. CRWD is still willing to put up $16,000, by assessing the property owners on their

tax statement. If they sign on -- the project will proceed. CRWD is still willing to give an additional

$2,000 from their funds. The Lake Augusta Association has shown a willingness to do the same.

TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Limit of Phosphorous) is a project of the CRWD

to prevent sediment and nutrients from entering the water. Many of us on Lake Augusta do not use

fertilizers with phosphate, plant buffers near water’s edge and have rain gardens.

Read page three of the CRWD issue for March 2008 or go to their website at www.crwd.org

for complete information.

CRWD Advisory Committees are being established now in 2009. It is their desire to

have individuals from Lake Associations to serve and share their interest and expertise in improving the

quality of our lakes. The stewardship of our lakes requires all of us who use this lake to participate

100% in helping our Lake Augusta Association and the CRWD to accomplish this goal. Phone Roger

Rauschendorfer from Lake Augusta, who is on one of the Advisory Committees at 320-274-3288, to

learn more. You may also contact Dennis Loewen at CRWD 320-274-3935.

Other Business:

2009 Summer Newsletter and Membership Renewal and New Member Forms

will begin being prepared. The schedule is as follows:

Write articles and get them to John C. by Saturday, June 13th.

The Mailing will be sent by Roger Rauschendorfer, week of June 22nd.

It will reach all residents at least a week before July 4th.

A Board Member & Officer Project was presented by Mark K. and Roger R. It was

pointed out that most of Lake Augusta cabins and properties remain within families, and are handed

down to the next generation. The next generation is already active in the use of the lake, and are

developing lake habits, either good or not so good. Now is the time to get their names, addresses, phone

numbers, e-addresses and encourage their membership and activity in the Lake Augusta Association.

An article by Mark K. will be included along this line in the 2009 Summer Newsletter.

Articles for the Newsletter will include:

Announcing two Social Gathering on the Lake

Announcing the July 4th Boat Parade

Announcing the 2009 Annual Meeting for Saturday, August 1st

+ A new time -- 10 a.m. at Southside TWP Hall

+ A new kitchen -- The refreshments will surprise us

+ New Door Prizes & Advertising System of Gift Certificates

Article on the Board Member & Officer Project (Mark K.)

Agenda Items for August 1st Annual Membership Meeting:

Reports, Discussion and Action to be taken on all of the above Lake Augusta Issues.

Create a sense of ownership and decision making in all Members present.

Encourage them to volunteer to serve on Advisory Committees of the CRWD (Roger R.)

Adjournment (11:50 a.m.)

Next Board Meeting: Saturday, August 1, at 8:45 a.m. prior to the Annual Meeting

at Southside Township Hall

These Minutes were taken by

John Chell, Vice President


2009 Lake Augusta Association Annual Membership Meeting

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

10:00 AM Southside Township Hall

Meeting Minutes

1. President Kampa made introductions of Lake Augusta Board and Officers, Guests, and New

Residence to the lake this past year.

Board and Officers

Mark Kampa, President

John Chell, Vice President

Roger Rauschendorfer, Treasurer

Kim Fesler Von Ende, Secretary

Greg Alberg, Director

Roger Eckoff, Director

Phil Jensen, Director

Dorothy Welch, Director

Bob Young, Director

Advisory Committee

Kathleen Halek

Jim Hartwell

Kurt Krinke

Scott Nicholson

Gary Stigen

2. The President Reviewed the approved agenda.

3. Approved Minutes from 2008 annual meeting.

4. Approved the Treasurer’s Report of Roger R.

Roger also reported that we purchased our own Milfoil treatment spreader. We will need to buy buoy

markers. Clearwater River Watershed District will pay us back. All expenses of 2009 newsletter

printing, mailing expenses, copies for distribution at Annual Meeting, name tags, etc. have been paid.

Roger Rauschendorfer reported that 53 Lake Augusta Residents have paid their 2009-10 Membership

dues as of 8-1-09, and thereby have voice and vote at this Annual Meeting.

5. President’s ReportMark

stated that the $20 Membership fee will not be increased.

He spoke about the improved secchi reading on our lake.

We have funding with the CRWD to take care of any need for bog removal. We have adequate milfoil

treatment funding for 2 more years. The State DNR must come out and witness the treatment each year

and our placement of their marking tags, where treatment is permitted.

Our Lake Augusta Association gets permission from each resident, when we pay our annual

membership fee.

6. Old business.

Kurt Krinke handles our Website and reports that “Go Daddy” has the best pricing at $284.00 (for 5

years) to monitor our domain and oversee our Website. Approved.

Kathy Halek reported that we held our 2009 Family Socials July 11th and Aug. 8th with good response

of Lake Augusta residents and their guests. There is nothing to report on the west side Boat Channel,

until owners in that area agree to move forward.

7. New Business.

Property owners again agreed that the Board should

continue to send a newsletter to every property owner with an application to join the Lake Association.

The Board urges all property owners to properly instruct persons using their cabin of the Safety

Regulations they are required to follow at all times, or the DNR will impose fines.

Residents who have a serious interest in preserving Lake Augusta, are needed to serve on the Lake

Board or Advisory Board.

8. All Board Members & Officers were reelected for the coming year.

9. Thanks to Donna & Phyllis for refreshments. Thanks to all who provided wonderful door prizes and

gift certificates. Congratulations winners.

10. Adjournment at 11:45 AM. 2010 Annual Mtg. will be Sat., Aug. 7th.

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