2010 Annual Meeting

2010 Lake Augusta Association Annual Membership Minutes
August 7, 2010
    I. Call to order
    Mark Kampa called to order the regular meeting of the Lake Augusta Association Annual Membership     Meeting at 10:15 AM
on August 7, 2010 in Southside Township.
II. Board & Officer Present Board & OfficerNot Present
Mark Kampa, President Phil Jensen, Director
John Chell, Vice President Dorothy Welch, Director
Roger Rauschendorfer, Treasurer
Tina Peterson, Secretary
Kim Fesler Von Ende, Director
Greg Alberg, Director
Roger Eckhoff, Director
Bob Young, Director
III. Introductions
IV. Review and Adopt Agenda
Reviewed the Agenda and was approved.
V. Approval of minutes from last meeting
John Chell read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.
VI. Treasure Report
Roger Rauschendorfer read the Treasure report. The Treasure report was approved as read.
VII. Presidents Report
a) 1980’s project-looking to improve water quality all the way to clear lake, lake Betsy etc.
b) Letter that was sent out was very confusing, stated no cost, but then said would be assessed. Dennis (CRWD) spoke on
the confusion of the letter. No additional cost to project. Operation & maintenance cost $68,230 this is divided amongst 1,260
parcels. 80% paid by association all lakes will pay same assessment cost. (The cost will be brought up at the next water
meeting)The 1980 project is different from milfoil project there will be a hearing on 9/8 for the milfoil project last assessment
was done in 2006.
c) Bogs (Kampa) Using part of money from O&M fund. The bog fund was assessed in 1984. Currently there is $1,700 left in
the fund. DNR pays for half when the bogs hit damn. The Bog fund will eventually be funded by the general fund when the
current funds run out. Any thing that hits the bridge the county picks up the cost. A big “Thank You” to Bob Young for hauling
off bogs at no charge to the association.
d) Milfoil-will be treating the same areas as we have for the past 3 years. We will treat where we get permission to treat. DNR
has to approve that milfoil is present. We can do 6 acres, 1.2 acres is saved for commercial. We have to stay 20ft away from
Lilly pads. We currently use 24D and will continue to stay with this product. 2011 there will be no fee for milfoil or curly leaf
treatment. We may treat some new areas next year. Every 5 yrs have to vote to continue milfoil treatment. Motion to continue
milfoil treatment was approved for 2011 to 2015.
VIII. Old Business
a) Website-(lakeaugusta.com )Will post winners of door prizes on website along with the sponsors. This years winners were:
Donated by Item donated Winner
Little Jim’s Ugly Stik Curt Quiner
J&J Marine Boat rack & Storage $300 Floyd Mollenkopf
Market Place $20 Gift Card Greg Alberg
A1 Marine Free shrink wrap & or outdoor storage Bob Aguilar
Miller Jewelry $25 Gift Card Darlen Hill
b) July 4th parade starts on time. Water balloons need to check into if this is legal to throw in the water.
c) August 21st Family Social- Great chance for lake owners to get together. Will be held at Turtle Bay also known as South
Bay at 1:00 PM. If you have questions please call Kathy’s cell phone 763-226-1906. Did not have a great turn out last year
hope that 2010 will be a better turn out.
d) Boat Channel-Pumping out did demo took out 4ft of material in 37 minutes. Should know more in few weeks. $2,000 was
put in from the lake association for the project WSD is matching $2,000. Finance at 6%. Property owners on channel dues
must be in good standing meaning fees should be paid by those in the channel 9 total for the year the project starts. The 9
lake owners will need to sign a contract that they will pay their dues for the next 5 years in order to get lake association
funding for the project. Will have meeting with property owners on channel to decide. Motion to amend.
e) Lake Safety-Water Safety Patrol from Wright County attended the meeting to help answer some questions. If you see
someone who you feel is violating water safety the following procedure will be done:
a. Call in the complaint 763-682-7600
b. Take info i.e. boat #, pictures
c. Someone will call you back if you request a call back, if you do not request a call back then they will come to the area
where you reported the violation.
d. If violation is not being done they will come see you and you have to agree to appear in court if needed. Note they have to
see the violation in order to give the offender a ticket.
f) Wreckless/careless-Automatic court appearance. Fees can be up to $700.
g) The biggest violation seen on the lakes is life vest are stored in compartments when underway and lights not working at
h) Personal water craft 150ft away if boat anchored if the boat is not anchored no restrictions.
i) Talked about buoy in west bay was advised to contact Joe Mackereth about getting buoy in west bay 763-682-7689.
j) Skier- Must have spotter and mirror on weekends and Holidays all other days need to have one or the other.
k) Some conflict in the west bay regarding Jet Ski’s (we all need to be courteous of others property and slow down in bay
l) Floating rafts-Should have permit on them if they stay out overnight.
IX. New Business
a) Property Owners Input-None
b) New Directors and Advisors- Secretary Tina Peterson
c) Sewer Recommendations-Wright County looking at requirement. 30 years older will need to be replaced. There is a
taskforce on website.
X. Election Of Directors and Officers and Advisors
a) Secretary motion to carry Tina Peterson-Elections was approved.
XI. Thank you to Donna and Phyllis
a) Great service from Donna and Phyllis serving coffee & Rolls. Thank You!
XII. Adjournment and Door Prizes
a) Meeting was adjourned
b) Door Prizes were announce

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