2011 Annual Meeting

2011 Lake Augusta Association Annual Meeting

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Southside Township Hall


Meeting called to order at 10:01 a.m.

# Present

Introduction of Officers Present

President Mark Kampa, Vice President John Chell, Treasurer Roger Rauchendorfer, Roger Eckhoff and Kurt Krinke

Thank you to John Chell for previous work on being interim Secretary as well as Vice President

 Introduction of new members

 Review of agenda by Mark Kampa– Motion made to adopt agenda, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved

 Review of 2010 minutes by John Chell – Motion made to approve minutes, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved


Treasure’s Report by Roger Rauchendorfer

  • Milfoil Treatment Fund – No money was spent on milfoil in 2011. There was no treatment of milfoil due to weather condition and restrictions by the DNR  and treatment of milfoil within so many feet of lily pads. We are keeping the chemicals we already have in storage. We will be remapping the milfoil treatment areas and checking to see if curly-leaf pondweed and another plant, wild celery, are new threats to our lake.
  • Newsletter cost with mailing
  • High water issue / New PVC No Wake signs made
  • 37 members paid their dues as of 9 am August 6, 2011

Motion made to approve treasure’s report, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved


President’s Report by Mark Kampa

  • Milfoil – Clearwater Lake Association bought some of our milfoil chemical to treat their lake. They are storing 50 lbs of it for us??????
  • We will be checking to see if curly-leaf pondweed is a problem on our lake and if it is we will be checking to see if the money in the milfoil treatment fund can be used to treat the pondweed.
  • Bog Removal – Rooted bogs cannot be removed as per DNR; only floating bogs can be removed.  There is $1459 in the Bog Removal Fund to remove bogs from the lake before they get to the bridge.  Bob Young from Timberwoods has agreed to remove the bogs as he has some equipment to do so. The Clearwater Watershed District will reimburse 50% of the cost of the removal of the bogs by Bob Young (who is charging $30 per hour). The maximum bog that can be removed is 15’ x 15’ as per our permit. Bogs are actually DNR property and need to be inspected for Loon’s nests before removal.  There was a discussion to pay the other 50% of the bog removal expense by the Lake Association.  Mark Kampa has the permit for Lake Augusta bog removal.

    A motion was made to approve the 50% expenditure of the bog removal, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.
    A question of what to do about unwanted bogs that have moved into the areas in front of property owners homes was discussed. There is no good solution. The DNR wants them put back to where they came from and if not they would like them staked down with wooden stakes (metal is dangerous to wintertime sports such as snowmobiling). 
  • High Water – The high water situation is not going away quickly. There has been two times as much rain as normal, coupled with the record snows which melted and soaked into the ground has risen water levels in our lake 3’ over flood stage. Lake Augusta rose 3’ because of a 9” rainfall upriver. The Grass Lake Dam is overflowing the dam by 3’. Lake Augusta is one of the two lowest lakes in 159 square miles. Because of natural springs and rain the flow of water in the river has been changed from 156 cubic feet per second to 586 cubic feet per second. As a result there is a “No Wake” ordinance in effect until October 1, 2011 or until the high water is only 6” above flood stage for 7 consecutive days.
  • Channel Cleanout – There was a boat channel agreement discussed with the channel owners at the last annual meeting. It cost $47,000 (approximately) to clean out the channel. The cost of the cleanout will be assessed in the taxes of the eight property owners who have boat access in the channel over the next ten years, approximately $5,000 per year. The cost was split evenly among the owners. $2000 was proposed to help on the cleanout cost by the Association at the last meeting. $500 for barrel testing and $1500 towards the required maintenance (required by CRWD as it is now a CRWD project). A discussion to pay the $1500 was made by members of the association.

    Motion made to approve monies for the maintenance of the channel, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

    Winston’s asked about the channel by their property and whether or not it can be cleaned out. Mark stated that it is already being looked into. Lloyd Mollycoph said he thought he already had a copy of the permit to do so and would see if he could find it and give it to Mark.

    A question by a member about removing Duck Weed was brought up but Duck Weed is naturally occurring and nothing can be done about it. Duck week does not cause “swimmer’s itch”. Swimmer’s Itch is from a parasite from snails and ducks.


  • TMDL Total Maximum Daily Load – This is the amount of phosphorous which contributes to lake plant growths. There are filters at various sites along the river and lakes to filter out harmful amounts of phosphorous. Lake Augusta is under the limit for phosphorous and will hopefully be removed from ??????????????
  • Clearwater Watershed District Tour of Projects – Sign up and see what’s going on in the district. The tour is August 20,2011.

Other Business

  • Introduction of Shawnmarie Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Designs as the new Secretary and Newletter developer.
  • Website – We want the website to be more involved with more information on it. A discussion to make expenditures to “beef-up” the website was brought up. Also, to extend the time of ownership for the domain name.

Motion made to approve monies, no set dollar amount for the upgrading of the website, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

  • Volunteers are needed for decision making and to pass on information to other association members. The association is now linked with other agencies who are asking for our input such as; Soil and Water, State Government, Federal Government and the DNR. Volunteers would be asked to attend a spring meeting.
    Bob Aguilar, Gary Stiger, Diane Winston and Rick Fuentes volunteered to be volunteers/advisiors.
    Discussion was brought up about mass emailing members as to issues concerning the lake.
  • More “No Wake” signs are needed. Ask Roger Rauchendorfer if you need one.
  • The re-election of officers was discussed. No members volunteered to be officers.

    Motion made to re-elect the current officers, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

A question was brought up by a couple of members as to how in this high water situation they would be able to get their boats and pontoons off the lakes since there is no public access, the bridge to Clearwater Lake is impassable and most homeowners ramps and docks are currently underwater. There is hope that the waters will subside in the next month allowing property owners to remove their boats as normal. There was a discussion to ask Bob Young about using his ramp at Timberwoods and if so the association would pay to help reinforce his ramp if he allowed boat removal at Timberwoods.

Motion made to approve monies for the reinforcement of the ramp at Timberwood contingent upon approval of property owners being allow to remove their boats there if the high water doen’t subside, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.


A “Thank You” and applause was given by the association members present to the officers for all the hard work they do.


Motion made to adjourn the meeting was made, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m. on August 6, 2011

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