2012 Board Minutes

2012 Lake Augusta Association Board Meeting
Saturday, April 28, 2012
Southside Township Hall

 Meeting called to order at 10:10 a.m.
Present 10 people

Introduction of Present

President Mark Kampa, Vice President John Chell, Treasurer Roger Rauchendorfer, Roger Eckhoff and Kurt Krinke. Also present were secretary Shawnmarie Fitzgerald, Scott Niemann representing Timberwoods, Dorothy Welch of Thistledew and Diane Winston and husband.

Review of agenda by Mark Kampa– Motion made to adopt agenda, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved

There was no review of 2011 minutes Annual Meeting minutes.

Treasure’s Report by Roger Rauchendorfer

  • As of 4/11/12 there is $1,353.46 in the checking account and $6,255.13 in savings. Total expenses last year were $2,612.29 mostly for the channel cleanout, also the “No Wake” bouys, and reimbursement to Timberwoods for bog removal
  • Milfoil Treatment Fund – No money was spent on milfoil in 2011. There was no treatment of milfoil due to weather condition and restrictions by the DNR. We will be remapping the milfoil treatment areas and checking to see if curly-leaf pondweed and another plant, wild celery, are new threats to our lake.
  • There were 72 paid members last year. There is a total possibility of 128 members (there are 128 taxable lots on the lake).

Motion made to approve treasure’s report, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved

President’s Report by Mark Kampa

  • Milfoil – 6 acres can be treated, only the areas where signed approval by owners can be treated. Treatment will begin weather permitting at the end of June. The lake will be checked for Curly Leaf before the treatment of milfoil. Curly Leaf is not as easy to treat as milfoil; special equipment is needed, it needs to be sprayed and the temperature has to be 55 degrees. If we need to treat for Curly Leaf we may need to hire professionals. We need to redefine the milfoil project for other aquatic species because the milfoil one is specific to just milfoil, the cost for this could possible come out of the milfoil fund.
  • Aquatic Species ­– a question was brought up by Kurt to see if it would be possible to map the lakes aquatic species so that we can properly treat the lake and so that if one person treats their property for chara, for example, that hopefully the neighbor next door can also treat so that it doesn’t reenter the treated area. Chara is also present in the lake, it is a type of algae that can be treated with copper sulfate. A permit to treat for “summer’s itch” will cover the treatment of Chara. Chara inhibits the growth of milfoil. It was stated that it may cost upwords of $2,000 to map the lake. It was brought up that maybe we could ask one of the lake cleaning professionals, who are hired by individual property owners, to map it for us for a lesser fee.
  • Bog Removal – The association has split the cost of bog removal with Bob Young from Timberwoods.  The Clearwater River Watershed District will still take part in the reimbursement plan stating but the removal of the bogs is the responsibility of the Lake Association. The Watershed will only become involved if a bog begins to endanger the water flow. Dorothy Welch of Thistledew wants to know that if in the future she can be reimbursed like Timberwoods is if she has to remove bogs at her resort. She stated that she removed about 20 bogs and had to pay for the labor herself.

Motion made to help Dorothy pay for future bog removal, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved

A new roller for the winch has been acquired and was paid for out of the bog fund. There is still approximately $900 left in the fund.

  • No Wake Issue – There was a memorandum sent out from the Wright County Attorney’s office concerning a “Permanent No-Wake Ordinance”. There were two options on which we, the Lake Association could decide:
        A: Seasonal Slow No-Wake Zone from Memorial Weekend to Labor day with either a 150’ or    
             100’ from shore
        B:  High Water Slow No-Wake Zone, High water to be considered to be 12” above normal water levels, which will be monitored at Timberwoods resort by Scott Niemann
    Because a decision had to be made and submitted by May 15, 2012 for consideration by the Wright County Attorney, a vote was taken by members present.


Motion was made to choose both options, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved

Motion made to choose 150’ from shore option, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, one nay, passed and approved

  • Mark will move forward and submit the DNR Water Surface Use Worksheet to be reviewed and informally approved by the county attorney after which it must be reviewed by the township in which Lake Augusta lays.

    There were 24 No-Wake signs made last year and there are two left. Dorothy Welch of Thistledew asked to have them. A informal discussion about the no-wake issue took place.

Roger Eckhoff brought up an impending law concerning New Aquatic Invasive Species Rules Decal Required on Watercraft. Decals are currently free and available at the DNR offices. A new law passed in 2011 (Minnesota Statues 86B.508) requires a watercraft owner or operator to obtain and attach an aquatic invasive species rules decal to all types of watercraft prior to launching on, entering into, or operating on any waters of the state. The decals are available at DNR offices, Deputy Registrar offices where licenses are sold, and large sport shops, as well from DNR Watercraft Inspectors and conservation officers. They will be included in the envelopes of new and renewal watercraft licenses mailed from DNR. They are free.

There are two parts to the decal. Watercraft owners and operators must display the top portion of the decal on all watercraft prior to launching on, entering into, or operating on any waters of the state. The second portion of the decal, at the bottom, is intended to be placed on the winch post of watercraft trailers or other area to remind boaters to remove the boat’s drain plug as required by state law when leaving the water access area — and to replace the plug before launching.

Currently Clearwater lake is looking to have boats and trailers sprayed before entering the lake to prevent the transportation of Invasive species like Zebra Muscles and Milfoil.

  • TMDL or Total Maximum Daily Load – This is the amount of phosphorous which contributes to lake plant growths. There are filters at various sites along the river and lakes to filter out harmful amounts of phosphorous. Once Lake Augusta is removed from the list, property values should increase and lake clarity will be better.
  • Website – A new website was proposed. It would go through MyLakeTown.com
    Our domain name would remain the same. The advantages of the website are the dues can be collected through the website, ability to email members of the association, have a lake directory (if individuals object their info can be removed or made private) and posting meeting minutes and lake news. The site would be secure and each member would have their own user name and password known only to them.


Motion made to approve the change to a new website with aesthetics at the web designers discretion, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

  • Newsletter – Discussion on what should be included in the newsletter

1)     Date of Annual Meeting 1st Saturday in August

2)     New Website

3)     No-Wake Ordinance

4)     Aquatic Invasive Species / Milfoil

5)     Bog Removal

6)     Add an upbeat item – Dues are not being increased even though everything else is going up in price

7)     Community Events

8)     New Board Members and Officers

9)     Need of a new chair for door prizes
Current board members will contact Marketplace, Kaz Ace Hardware, JJ’s and Little Jims
Please let the board know if you are interested in becoming the Door Prize Chair so we can continue this tradition and attract members to join in the Annual Meeting

  • Discussion of a new board member – Scott Niemann agreed he would be on the board

Motion made to approve Scott Niemann as a new board member, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

  • Channel Cleanout – There was a discussion about the channel cleanout in the northeast bay. The association will offer assistance to help pay for the cleanout as a precedence has already been set with the previous channel cleanout.  A discussion to pay the $2,000 was made by members of the board with the Watershed matching the amount; the monies needed above and beyond to be paid by the channel property owners. Cleanout to be done in the fall.

    Motion made to approve monies for the cleanout of the channel, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.
  • Shed – Kurt brought up the issue of the shed with the pumps. We pay $15 a year for a permit to keep the shed. Maintenance to keep up the aesthetics of the shed are needed. The pumps can be used to pump phosphorus onto fields.

Motion made to adjourn the meeting was made, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m. on April 28, 2012

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