May 2014 Board Meeting

Lake Augusta Board Meeting/Workshop Minutes
May 16, 2014

Triple R Restaurant

Members in Attendance
Jack Gleason
Roger Rauschendorfer
Roger Halford
Billy Deslauries
Gary & Liz Stiger

Members Not in Attendance
Scott Neiman
Dorothy Welch
Joel Von Ende
Keith Sadowski

Shawnmarie Fitzgerald was not able to be in attendance so Roger Halford took notes.

Meeting called to order

Minutes from previous meeting accepted

Keith Sadowski called into the meeting to provide the Board with an update on Lake Mapping. Lake mapping is proceeding as planned, it is expected the Lake Restoration will be on the lake mapping the week of the 9th.

The committee on Bog Removal and Aquatic species provided an update.

The Board members from the Timberwoods were unable to attend the meeting so a motion was made to table the Bog Removal agreement for now. A discussion was held, and it unanimously agreed upon/of June.

Question – Has the Wright County Sherriff put the measuring device in place yet? No

Gary & Liz provided an update on what Wright & Stearns County said in their response about enforcing the no wake rules during high water. (Both Counties need to be on the same page on policy associated with boarder lakes) The Board will need to have more discussion on this topic and generate a plan to get both counties on the same page.

Discussion about making and using additional NO Wake signs was discussed. It was agreed that Roger H would get a count of the No Wake signs being used then we can determine if we need additional quantities.

Roger H, Gary and Liz offered to help get Wright County and Stearns County to get on the same page as it relates to Water level and No Wake policies

Clearwater Watershed review – The Board agreed that it is in our best interest to continue to attend the CRWD meetings

Roger R went over the financial statement – There are no bills to pay at this time.

The 2014 Lake Association meeting is coming up on August 2nd.

A board meeting will be held prior to the 10 am Lake association meeting.

Newsletter Topics:
New Member recruitment
July 4th boat parade (Should we create a Lake Association Float/Pontoon?)
Water Clarity
Lake Mapping
Treating for Evasive Species
Fish Recipe
Letter from the President
Jack will ask Dennis or Cole to attend the August 2nd

Agenda for Annual Meeting August 2nd
Call to Order
Review of this last year
Dennis or Cole to discuss Water Quality Issues
Wright County Water Patrol
Permit Changes to Evasive Species
Lake Mapping process ( Keith)
Lake Association Meeting

Liz will get a hold of the DNR to see if they have an Aquatic Species Poster we can use for the day

Jack will reach out to Keith to see if he can present the findings from the lake mapping process and treatment.

Each Committee will do an update on their findings
Water Quality
Water level and Safety
Web Site Improvements

News & Events AUG 25th

Starry Stonewort in Pleasant Lake

Starry Stonewort has now infested Pleasant Lake (Annandale, MN).  See attached article from August 11, 2018: Stonewort Infests Wright County Lake

No Starry Stonewort found in Lake Augusta by LimnoPro Aquatic Science during recent inspection:  AISEDS Lake Augusta, 8-24-2018_1.pdf

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Local News JUN 24th

DNR seeking comments on transmission line environmental review document

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is accepting comments through July 24 on an environmental assessment worksheet for a proposed electric transmission line and substation in Itasca County. Great River Energy proposes to construct a 14-mile...

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