2013 Spring Board Meeting

2013 Lake Augusta Association Spring Board Meeting

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Southside Township Hall


Meeting called to order at 10:05 a.m.

Present 10 people plus Mark Kampa, Roger Rauschendorfer and Shawnmarie Fitzgerald

President’s Report by Mark Kampa

  • Milfoil and Aquatic Invasive Species – Mark and Roger R. scouted the lake for Milfoil; there was not enough Milfoil present to be treated. Milfoil isn’t treated unless it is congested and is killing off other plants. Milfoil cannot be treated if it is within 20 yards of Lily Pads because it will kill the Lily Pad. Mark keeps up our lake permit to treat Milfoil. We were working in conjunction with Clearwater Lake  but are stepping back from that because of issues with them getting permits in time to treat the Milfoil. From now on we will be taking care of this ourselves. We use “Navigate” to treat Milfoil; only 6 acres total can be treated on Lake Augusta.  A question was asked if we could hire someone to treat the lake for us and we do have the funds to do this if necessary. Scott Newman of Timberwoods stated he would help treat Milfoil and that we could use their “junky” pontoon to treat for Milfoil if needed.
    The lake was checked for Curly Leaf and was not found to be present. Curly Leaf is not as easy to treat as milfoil; special equipment is needed, it needs to be sprayed and the temperature has to be 55 degrees. If we need to treat for Curly Leaf we will need to hire professionals.
    Chara is also present in the lake, it is a type of algae that can be treated with copper sulfate. A permit to treat for “summer’s itch” will cover the treatment of Chara. Chara inhibits the growth of Milfoil. Copper Sulfate can be purchased at Cenex in Annandale and Lake Restoration.
  • Bog Removal – No bogs were torn loose this spring although Timberwoods took out a 6’ bog. The drought helped them to take root deeper. There is $650 in the bog fund. Clearwater and Lake Augusta own a bog winch together.
  • No Wake Issue – We are still waiting to hear from Stearns and Wright Counties concerning the no wake issue. They need a joint agreement in order for it to pass. There are five lakes out of 38 that want a no wake; Lake Augusta would be number 6. The High Water No-Wake Zone, high water to be considered to be 12” above normal water levels at the Grass Lake Dam is in effect.
    The Seasonal No Wake has not been approved.
  • Phosphorous ­– The CRWD says that the water quality upstream has worsened. This is due to the 14” of rainfall which occurred two years ago. In turn the water quality on Lake Augusta has worsened. We are over the 40 micrograms per liter limit; we had been under that and were hoping to get off the ???? list which would increase property values.
  • Aerators – Mark is hoping to get aerators for Lake Augusta???? which will increase water clarity. There is a blue/green algae which has been present in our lake. This algae is poisonous to dogs. The algae also prevents healthy plant growth and is causing the unhealthy levels of phosphorous. There is too much bacteria in the top water which breaks up plants which causes a decrease in oxygen which is needed for fish and other plants and in turn releases the phosphorous in the bottom of the lake. A new aerator system is needed. The CRWD is looking at Alum treatment for a solution. The Alum treatment takes phosphorous out of the water and lasts two to ten years but costs $4,000 per acre. As an alternate aeration system, Mark would like Lake Augusta to do a feasibility study to be done by Dr. Gantz who did the study for the St. Paul drinking water issue. We would like to see if the alternative aerator system, which is designed by Mobley Engineering Inc., would be a better alternative to Alum. The feasibility study would cost approximately $1,000 which would be reimbursed if the project moves forward. If the project is approved the approximate cost to property owners would be around $18 a year. It would also fall under the 1980’s CRWD project.

Motion made to get an engineering feasibility study done for Lake Augusta; seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.


  • Website – Traffic to the website during the time period of March 17 to April 16, 2013 was 140 visitors. The cost of the website has been taken care of due to the number of paid advertisers we have. Paid advertisers are: Anchor Dock & Lift, J&J Marine Inc., Backyard Reflections Inc., and
    Oak Realty LLP. We will be getting a commission check back from MyLakeTown.com since we made enough advertising dollars to cover the website.
    There was a question brought forth to the members present that if you are a paid member of the Lake Association, in good standing, that you would be able to advertise your business on the website for $25 a year. MyLakeTown.com would receive half of the payment and the Lake Association would keep the rest, which would pay for local maintenance of the site.

Motion made for paid members of Lake Augusta Association to pay $25 a year to advertise their business on the site; seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

  • Channel Cleanout – There was a discussion about the channel cleanout in the northeast bay. The majority of owners still want it done but there are some questions of when it will be done because of a property owner’s health and the sale of one of the cabins on the channel.
  • Slate of Officers – John Chell has not formally stepped down as a Vice President but the impending action of this requires us to search for a new Vice President. If there are any suggestions, or if someone wants to volunteer please let Roger or Mark know.

Motion made to adjourn the meeting was made, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m. on May 25, 2013

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