About Us

The Lake Augusta Association was formed to preserve and protect the serenity, quality, and natural beauty of our lake. We wish to educate and organize all those concerned with Lake Augusta including lakeshore owners, area residents, and visitors.


Join the Lake Augusta Lake Association.
Dues are only $ 30.00 per year for membership.

Lake Augusta property owners and renters benefits:
• Full and complete contact and input to our Lake Augusta Association Board and Officers.  Your ideas for improvements to our lake will be sought and respected.
• Attendance at all Lake Augusta Association board meetings.
• Voice, Input, and Vote on all Lake Augusta


Issues and Decisions.
• Voice and Vote at the Lake Augusta Annual Meeting the first Saturday in August. 
• Lake Augusta Social Gathering & Get-to-


Know Your Neighbor Participation & Friendship.


• Immediate information from the DNR, Fisheries, Water Patrol, and all official lake contacts for both Wright and Stearns Counties.
• It becomes your privilege to serve on the
Lake Augusta Board as a Member & Officer.
• Direct access to the Clearwater River Watershed District, and on one or more of there committees as an Advisor on policies and lake issues.





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2017 Weed Harvesting by Dockside

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Local News JUN 14th

Herbicide applications to help reforestation efforts in the Tower area

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will begin herbicide applications on select state lands to improve reforestation efforts. Applications will begin around June 15 and continue through approximately September 15. Signs will be posted on al...

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