2013 Annual Meeting

2013 Lake Augusta Association Annual Meeting
Saturday, August 3, 2013
Southside Township Hall

Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m.

20 Members Present  

Introduction of Officers Present

There was no review of 2012 minutes Annual Meeting minutes.

The Board Minutes from May 25, 2013 were not read.

Mark apologized about not getting a newsletter out before the meeting. For personal reasons Mark will be leaving the area in a week and will no longer be living in the immediate area. He will be living closer to his family and doctor to take care of his health.

Treasure’s Report by Roger Rauschendorfer

  • As of 7/26/13 there is $143.78 in the checking account and $7.309.89 in savings. Total expenses were $851.34. There is $641.40 in the CRWD Bog account and $16,230.97 in the Aquatic Invasive Species (formerly Milfoil) account.
  • Milfoil – the CRWD is going to change the name of the Milfoil Treatment Plan to Aquatic Invasive Species Treatment Plan. The money in the account named A.I.S. can then be used to treat Curly Leaf Pondweed, Zebra Mussels or other invasive species. There was no treatment of Milfoil this year. If the lake needs to be treated in the future, either someone from the lake will have to do it or it will need to be professionally done.
  • No Wake Issue – The No Wake status has been approved but nothing is official. It has been approved for high water (no wake when the water level is 1’ above the high water mark). There is currently no restriction on wakes on our lake except the normal 100’ from shore. Approval is needed from Stearns County for the high water, no wake in order to enforce it.
  • Dredging – Dredging will move forward in the Northeast channel.
  • Bogs and Water Clarity – We do own half of the bog winch that currently resides at JJ’s. Mark will try to be available to help run the bog winch since he knows how to run it. Timberwoods has agreed to hold the keys.
    In 2011 there was 14” of rainfall in the area. We are now just seeing the effects it had on our water quality. The Kingston Project has been renewed [The Kingston Wetland has been taking excess nutrients out of the water from the western part of the District for almost thirty years and is full. The river will be rerouted/re-meandered, to allow the water to go through without picking up phosphorus that is contained within the wetland. This will also allow canoeing to go up the river from the DNR river access west of Lake Betsy. The lakes downstream, including Augusta, will see improved water quality from this and other work that is being done, such as the stream bank restoration by the Minnesota Conservation Corp.]
    Hopefully, lakes Louisa, Marie and Caroline will be available to take part in the aerator project which in turn will (eventually) help the water clarity on Lake Augusta. Aerators from the Kiso??? project  didn’t work very well and fell apart. Technology has improved since then. The Lake Vadness Oxygen Project has been working well so far; they use Pure Oxygen Linear Diffusion and have liquid oxygen in the tanks. In February the CRWD promised to look into the project at Lake Vadeness and get a feasibility study done for the aeration project but has yet to do so claiming they are too busy with other projects. Managers of CRWD are from area lakes and therefore have special interests pertaining to their lake and don’t seem too concerned about Lake Augusta.  We need to let the CRWD know that we are concerned about our lake and how they can help with the issues on our lake. If they do move forward with the study and the testing and take action upstream, Lake Augusta will see improvement.
    The CRWD does do monthly testing of temperature, chlorophyll, phosphorous and Secchi levels. We were almost off the Impaired Waters list but the rainfall of 2011 has changed that.

    The Blue/Green Algae blooms were more prevalent this year. There was not a lot of wind this year, which normally breaks up the algae. Be aware it is toxic to dogs. Due to algae and water clarity, the 4th of July was very quiet on our lake.

New Business

  • The Lake Augusta Association Officers – Since Mark is leaving and John Chell moved away, we need a new president and vice president. Roger Eckhoff passed away this winter and he was a member of the Board of Directors. The main concern is that no one felt qualified to take over Marks position as he is so knowledgeable about what is going on upriver and understanding what the CRWD is doing. Roger Rauschendorfer is currently the oldest officer. We need to figure out how to generate more interest in the future of the lake by being members of the association or officers of the association. How do we do this? Suggestions were to have a succession of officers so that the officers who have been here the longest would move up and new officers would be below them and learn the ways of being an officer in our organization. Because Mark is leaving, Lake Augusta will no longer have a voice at the CRWD and we will lose that chain of information. We need someone to go to the meetings and take notes and report back to the officers so we are kept in the loop. This was met with concern about who would do this because most property owners are only at the lake on weekends and the CRWD meetings take place on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. Should we pay someone to go to the meetings and take notes? Would Mark be willing to do this? Mark said he would put together a proposal for us.


Because we are in need of two new officers, should we have a special meeting in September to see if we have volunteers and if there is more than one for each position we would have to cast a vote.

Motion was made to have a Special Meeting to discuss and possibly have the positions of president and vice president filled, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

  • Dues – Dues can now be paid online using PayPal™ or you can still send in a check. If you would like to pay your dues online, go to www.lakeaugusta.mylaketown.com/  click on the Dues/Donations tab and then click the Donate button to pay your dues.
  • Newsletter – Is the newsletter necessary? It was decided that the newsletter is important for getting information like Chara, how to treat it and what permit is needed into the hands of association members.
  • Aerator – How do we feel about the aerator? The equipment for the aerator would be in the 82’ hole in Lake Augusta and the liquid oxygen tanks would fit in the shed. Maybe Lake Augusta should get an aerator to help the move to action upstream. If Lake Caroline gets one, would we really need one? If we do not get one, it could take approximately ten years for our lake to clear up and maintain. If we get one as well as there being one upstream, the clarity and quality of our lake would improve much faster. The cost would be approximately $300,000 to $600,000 plus $1,000 a month for the liquid oxygen. Speculation is that this would be covered by the 1980’s Project. If we got a grant instead, the government would require lots of testing and other reports. Maybe too much of a hassle? If an aerator is installed upstream, property owners on Clearwater, Augusta, Marie, Louisa and Wiegand would be accessed $300,000-$600,000.
  • Assessments – We believe that the CRWD do a Redetermination of Benefits is needed to see where the money goes and if it should be changed.


Motion was made to tell the CRWD that “It is the will of the property owners of Lake Augusta to install an aerator to improve the water quality of main stem lakes and to do a redetermination of benefits of the 1980’s project”, seconded, vote to approve, members said aye unanimously, zero nays, passed and approved.

  • CRWD and Our Concerns – How do we get our concerns to the CRWD? Write a letter, email or call Dennis Loewen at the CRWD. What needs to be said? “What is the CRWD doing to help improve the water quality and clarity of our lake for future generations”.
  • Thank You – A thank you was stated to Mark and Roger for all their hard work for the association. A special thank you to Mark for all his effort concerning the lake and with regards to the CRWD.

Motion was made to adjourn, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Meeting adjourned at 11:37 a.m., August 3, 2013


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