2014 August Annual Meeting

2014 Lake Augusta Association October Board Meeting

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Southside Township Hall


Meeting called to order at 10:09 a.m.

Members present: Jack Gleason, Roger Halford, Roger Rauschendorfer, Shawnmarie Fitzgerald, Dorothy Welch, Joel Von Ende, Gary Stigen, Liz Stigen, Claire DesLauriers and Keith Sadowsky      

President Jack Gleason introduced himself and stated that the two topics currently most important to Lake Augusta are High Water and Bogs.

The Board
Board members introduced themselves, said how long they lived on the lake and what they have learned most about being a board member.

Jack Gleason moved to the lake four years ago and have been on the lake 1991. He was impressed when he attended CRWD meetings and learning about the projects on which they are working. He also learned that doing projects on our lake are less effective than completing projects upstream and letting their success trickle down to our lake.

Claire DesLauriers has lived on the lake for XXXX years. She came to live on the lake because of fond childhood memories of her family going to the lake. She would like to see improvements in the water quality. Because of the contacts the board has made, our lake issues will be known to those who can help.

Roger Halford has lived on the lake for four years. He has spent time with the CRWD and the County Commissioners. He was surprised how caring the people are and that they seem genuinely concerned about helping us to have a better safer lake.

Roger Rauschendorfer and Donna have lived on the lake since 1972 and visited the lake since 1963. My comment on Bogs is when they obstruct the waterway between Augusta and Clearwater lake a contractor would be involved under the supervision of the DNR and CRWD. Bogs that are 15 x15 and larger that land on property owners shoreline must be assessed by the association and CRWD for proper removal. Our new officers and board members are working together for the best interest of Lake Augusta.

Dorothy Welch has lived on the lake since 2008. Her biggest eye opener since being a board member is the CRWD, how they process and have processed past, present and future projects and their professionalism in doing so.

Joel Von Ende has lived on the lake for 20 years. He saw how much goes on and how many people are involved and needed to make sure our lake will prosper in the future. He also saw how hard the CRWD pushes for grants to get things done.

Gary and Liz Stigen have lived on the lake for 30 years. They were surprised in how much is involved to work on the simplest projects such as the No Wake issue: government, sheriff, county commissioners and both townships.

We are proud to announce that Keith Sadowsky has been elected to the CRWD Advisory Board.

Lake Mapping
Keith was involved with Lake Restoration and the mapping of the lake for milfoil. Mapping of the lake was and is required by the DNR in order to get the permit for treating milfoil. In mapping the lake for milfoil, Lake Restoration looks for density of plants and how much boat traffic there is. The DNR sets the final rules for what is treated after they have visually checked the suggested areas for themselves. Only nine acres can be treated. The nine acres includes any treatment of Aquatic Invasive species; milfoil, curly leaf pondweed and any permits for treatment of chara. Five acres were identified to be treated. Only 4.52 acres were actually treated by Lake Restoration. Lake Restoration uses precise GPS to measure how much is treated and where to begin and end treatment. In previous years we treated the lake with granules. Lakes Restoration uses a liquid to treat milfoil. They use a 20’ boom with hoses which sink to the bottom and then the chemical is released. This is more effective than the granules because it assures that the chemical reaches the base of the plant.

Lake Restoration did find curly leaf pondweed in two areas of the lake; again plant density and boat traffic need to be considered before treatment. Also, treatment for curly leaf has very specific needs in order to treat.  There was coontail found in the southwest bay.

We paid $1,000 for lake mapping and $2012 to treat. Keith applied and won a grant in behalf of the Lake Association for $1000 for the lake mapping. Treatment was paid out of the AIS fund. Lake mapping needs to be done yearly in order to receive a permit.

We believe that the lake mapping is important because we now know what we have as far as Aquatic Invasive Species and it is needed for permit purposes.

If you are wondering or if other property owners wonder why the milfoil in front of their property wasn’t treated there may be two reasons: not a member of the lake association and/or they didn’t sign the line that was on the dues form.   

Treasure’s Report
As of July 21, 2014 there was $3,525.21 in the checking account and $4078.46 in the savings account. $1,570.17 has been spent to cover operating expenses this year. 

Motion made to approve Treasurer’s Report; seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Old Business

CRWD The CRWD has provided us with a report on projects which affect our lake. The report is posted on the Lake Augusta website under Lake Life- Lake Issues - CRWD.

Phosphorus which has been a problem on our lake in the past is better this summer than it has been. Phosphorus comes from runoff from farm fields and the grass in our yards. One pound of phosphorus can produce hundreds of pounds of algae.  To help get rid of phosphorus from our lakes, phosphorus is sucked from the bottom of lakes upstream and transferred back to farmlands. Phosphorus in our lakes sinks to the bottom of the lake and prevents oxygen to get to the bottom of the lake killing plants and other aquatic life.

High Water/No Wake Thanks to Gary and Liz Stegin for working on this lake issues. The lake rose two feet which lead to a high water alert for our lake. Wright and Stearns had an “Emergency No Wake” due to high water on several lakes this spring through summer. In order to get an ordinance in place for Lake Augusta, we need to have a legal agreement between Fair Haven Township and Southside Township. When that happens both Wright County and Stearns County will be able to enforce a “No Wake” on our lake when there is a High Water Emergency. Fair Haven Township has agreed to support this ordinance but needs to have a legal document to sign. We need to get on the Southside agenda to bring up this matter to the township and if they agree, they will need to sign the legal document as well. 

In 2012 the Lake Association voted in favor of a High Water/No Wake ordinance. There is an ordinance posted on the website from Wright County but is it in effect?

Currently, Jet Skis must stay 100’ away from docks and the shoreline; tickets can be issued by the Sheriff’s Department Water Patrol. Also, if boats are creating damage to the shoreline, then a ticket can be issued by the Sheriff’s Department Water Patrol.

The channel between Caroline and Augusta has issues with jet skis and boats running through and loosening bogs. A question was asked about getting buoys for the channel which is less than 100’ from shore to shore making it a no wake area. The board will speak with the DNR and the CRWD about the issue. 

Bogs Please see the website about issues with bogs and how to remove them. We do have a permit to remove bogs. If you are having trouble with removing smaller bogs, please call a board member so the situation can be assessed. Bogs that are larger than 15’ x 15’, or are blocking the channel to Clearwater Lake can be removed by the DNR. Do Not push bogs. If the DNR catches you with a watercraft hooked to the bog, there is a fine of $500.

New Business

Fish Count  The DNR did a Lake Survey this year; a survey hasn’t been done since 2005. The gill net count of our lake showed that we have crappie, bluegill, northern pike, walleye and yellow perch. Results of the count are posted on the Montrose Fishery website. It will be posted to the DNR sometime next year. The DNR does harvest carp from the lake.

Why be a member of the Lake Association? Claire is working to be an advocate for the Lake Association. There are many reasons to be association member; voting rights, have a voice, advertise on the website and get your area treated for milfoil or other Aquatic Invasive Species if the DNR deems it necessary.

Dues Dues are currently $20 annually. The dues have never been raised since the inception of the association. We feel it is necessary to raise dues to cover operating costs such as legal fees, joining different associations, printing and mailing fees, as well as secretarial and website maintenance.

Jack has learned that Cedar Lake has 360 property owner and 242 association members, Clearwater has 350 property owners and 200 members, Sugar Lake has 375 property owners and 375 association members (100%). Lake Augusta has 126 taxable property members of which there were 70 association members of which 20 were from Timberwoods in 2013-2014.

Motion made to change dues next year to $40, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, one nay – then a discussion ensued concerning that the jump to $40 was too big. It was recommended that the dues should be raised in smaller increments so as not to discourage new members from joining. A new motion was made since the first motion wasn’t fully approved.

Motion was made to change the dues for 2015-2016 (next year) to $30 annually, seconded, vote to
approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Annual Meeting Next year’s annual meeting is set for Saturday, August 1, 2015 at the Southside Townhall at 10 am.

Door Prizes Door Prizes were awarded via drawing. Tube donated by J&J Marine; winner Nancy Zimmer. Ladderball donated by Jack Handyman Services; winner Ed Bovey. Floating Cooler donated by the Gleason’s; winner Renae Lais (spelling). 4 hats donated by the DNR; winners Donna Rauschendorfer, Rod Shon, Liz Stegin and Bryan XXXXX.

Thank you Donna Rauschendorfer for all your hard work.

Finally Please write to your County Commissioners Wright and Stearns if you have concerns about high water or wake issues.

Motion was made to adjourn, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Meeting adjourned at 12:12 p.m., August 2, 2014


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