Bog Removal

Lake Augusta Bog Removal

Bog removal has been a long debated topic in many lakes in Minnesota; it certainly is a topic of Discussion/Frustration for Lake Augusta property owners.  Especially in the Spring or during high water periods. There are Statutes and Guidelines published by the DNR that outline many of the ways to deal with them.  You can view these Guidelines on the DNR Website at: (Aquatic Plants and Nuisance Bogs statute 6280.0250)


Each spring the Lake Augusta Association submits a Permit Application with the DNR for Bog removal. This permit allows the Lake Association to remove problematic Bogs that are larger than 15 feet by 15 feet in size.  In these cases the DNR or other Agencies may at their discretions advise or assist in the removal of the bog. This cost is paid for out of the Lake Augusta Bog Fund, funded by the Lake Augusta property owners.

If a bog is blocking boating traffic, such as at the bridge between Clearwater and Lake Augusta, the removal of the Bog is the responsibility of the Clearwater River Watershed District (CRWD). 

If this happens during the weekend or holiday(s), please notify anyone on the Lake Augusta Association board.  We have permission from the CRWD to hire approved contractor(s) to remove the bog that is blocking the bridge.

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