2013 Fall Special meeting

2013 Lake Augusta Association Special Meeting

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Southside Township Hall


Meeting called to order at 1:08 p.m.

??? Members Present        

Roger introduced himself and stated that since Mark left due to health reasons a new president was needed. Also, John Chell has formally turned in his resignation after selling his home on the lake; therefore, a new vice president is needed.

We need to elect an interim president for the purpose of this meeting. Roger Rauschendorfer was nominated.

Motion made to approve Roger Rauschendorfer as interim President, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Partial minutes were read from the Spring 2013 Board Meeting held May, 25 and the 2013 Annual Meeting held on August 4. During the annual meeting 20 members were in attendance. Roger and Mark have been taking care of things like permits and such for several years. There is a need to start delegating jobs. Also, in order to vote for any motions which are made during the September 14, 2013 special meeting only members in good standing who have paid their dues are able to do so.

Motion made to approve meeting minutes, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

There was an introduction made of each member present.

Cole Lowen was introduced. Cole is a contracted employee for the CRWD and will be taking on the issue of Water Quality and how it will be improved. There will also be Q and A. A limited amount of time, 10 to 15 minutes will be spent on this subject.

Q: How old are you?
A: 28

Q: Are there scheduled meetings of the CRWD?
A: Yes

Q: What causes the phosphorus?
A: Phosphorus is a limiting nutrient in a body of water. Because of very low water circulation and heat there was a lot of phosphorus this summer. The district is committed to removing the excess phosphorus.

Cole explained the four projects that the CRWD is taking on to address this issue.

The Clearwater Chain of Lakes Project or the 1980’s Project
Fertilizer Reduction Project
Kingston Wetlands Project

The Clearwater Chain of Lakes project rerouted the river into the Kingston Wetlands which worked to help remove the excess phosphorus and this worked well for about 30 years. It is no longer working well. It started taking too much oxygen out of the water; 5 micrograms per liter is standard and Lake Augusta is at .8 micrograms. The low flow channel/ditch re-meandering has helped; it allows high/overflowing water to go through the wetlands allows some of the phosphorus to settle in the wetlands while still allowing enough oxygen to pass through.

The Fertilization Reduction Project gave farmers an incentive to do variable fertilization which uses less phosphorus on their fields. Less phosphorus on the fields means that when it rains there will be less runoff from the fields into the chain of lakes. The Fertilizer Project has lessened the amount of phosphorus by 3,200 lbs per year which in turn helps the chain of lakes.

The Sea Sand???? Repair Project repairs the cut downs to make natural banks. Trees and branch bundles are used in the river basin to slow the flow of water creating a pool which allows sediment to drop to the bottom. This will lessen phosphorus amounts by approximately 27 lbs a year. 

The CRWD wants input from lake property owners.  

Q: Roger Halford asked what we are getting for our assessment and what are some things we can do to improve water clarity? Would one way be to install an aerator? The old aerator didn’t work well; it disintegrated quickly.
A: Lake Augusta has steep terrain. It would cost about $500,000 to install an aerator. It is not guaranteed this would work. If there is a lot of rainfall up river or if the lakes which dump water into Lake Augusta have water which is of poor quality, then an aerator would not be feasible. An aerator would benefit our lake if it is installed upriver and would trickle down cleaner water; which would improve our water.

In the SW bay there is a channel that had a holding pond. The pond has disappeared with a congestion of weeds. The SW bay wants to dredge the channel so it is useable. The CRWD maintains and removes sediment every couple of years but hasn’t for a while because there hasn’t been enough to remove.  

Motion was made to write a check for $2,500 to be turned in to the CRWD to begin the process to change the name of the Milfoil account to Aquatic Species Account, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Directors/Board members are needed for the Lake Augusta Association. Old Board members are Dorothy Welch, Kirk Krinke, Bob Young and Scott Neimann. Kirk Krinke would rather be an advisor and not on the board; he was not present for the meeting. Bob Young wishes to remain on the board but was not present for the meeting.

The expectations for board members are as follows:
   ­- Be a neighborhood contact to your neighbors and other association members.
   - Attend at least one meeting of the CRWD a year to be a voice and an ear for Lake Augusta.
   - Report back to the association/board about the goings on of the CRWD.

Board members would also manage:
   - Water quality
   - Lake levels and safety
   - Aquatic Species and Milfoil Aquatics – What is floating out there now is Chara. Chara needs to be taken care
      of in the spring; it is treated with copper sulfate. The chara is decaying, we need rain to break it up.
   - Bogs
   - Assessments

By-Laws state that there will be a minimum of four Directors/Board members but no more than 15.



If you want to Volunteer for the board, please stand up:
Claire DesLauriers
Roger Halford
Joel Von Ende
Scott Neimann
Dorothy Welch
Keith Sadowsky
Gary Stigen
Liz Stigen

Motion was made to make those standing directors/board members, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Nominations will be taken for president. Jack Gleason was nominated. Nominations for President were asked for three times. Jack was the only nomination. Nominations closed.

Motion was made to make Jack Gleason President, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Nominations were taken for vice president. Roger Halford was nominated and Keith Sadowsky was nominated. Nominations for vice president were asked for three times. Nominations closed.

A vote was taken for Roger and a vote was taken for Keith. Roger Halford won the majority vote.

Motion was made to make Roger Halford Vice President, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

The directors/board will look over the By-Laws and make suggestions for change.

Motion was made to make to have the board decide when the 2014 meetings will be held, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Motion was made to adjourn, seconded, vote to approve, majority of members ayes, zero nays, passed and approved.

Meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m., September 14, 2013


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